2019 Business Idea Competition

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)- Ethiopia hosted the 2019 Business Idea Competition on the 20th of November. The contestants are twelve teams who were ranked top three on the Business Idea Competition held in Adama Science and Technology University, Hawassa University, BahirDar University, and Mekelle University. The students pitched their potential business ideas to the jury panel and top three business ideas were selected for the award are as follows.

1st Prize Winner- Tesfakiros Tadele Business Idea = Pre and post exposure prophylaxis of livestock and pets against rabies Tesfakiros Tadele is an outstanding 5th year Veterinary Medicine student at Mekele University. He has a patent for his business idea and acquired his certificate in September 2019. His business idea is on the preparation of vaccine and treatment drug for viral causing disease known as “Rabies”. Thus, the disease is known to be occurring frequently on livestock and Dogs in Ethiopia. It was agreed that the idea will provide a prevention vaccination (preparation and provision of preventive drug before the viral infection) and post rabies infection treatment (preparation of treatment drug to be given after infection) that can be applied mainly for livestock. It was analyzed that, there is no recognized pre and post Rabies infection treatment or vaccine that is targeting livestock at the moment and the business idea will reduce the cost of vaccination drug import which is only targeting dogs but not for other livestock. Whereas, this invention will provide a full vaccine and treatment drug for both pet animals and livestock.

2nd Prize Winner- Kibrom Birhane Business Idea = Stone Milling and gold extraction services using Machine Kibrom graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Mekele University in 2018. He contested his business idea on designing and assembling stone crashing machine that will specifically apply to grind and crash a stone containing gold to the very finest substance which is never done before to that level, so that a maximum yield of gold will be harvested and collected at a time without application of any chemicals that harm the environment and people engaged on Gold mining activities. It is also believed to reduce wastage of gold yield during processing and harvesting. The business is also believed to fit to people engaged in small scale mining activities by direct purchase or rent and calculated as a profitable one at small scaled gold mining level. The business idea is mainly targeting a small scaled and traditionally oriented local gold miner as a main customer. Thus, most of the mining activities are believed to be labor intensive, lower yield and exhaustive production process. So, this machine will be believed to reduce the above challenge mainly by raising the yield to 90% from the same quantities of inputs (Potential stone to be crushed containing gold) used after assembly and use of the machine and evaluation of the machine performances.

3rd Prize Winner- Gezahegn Melaku Business Idea = Design and Manufacturing of Solar power Crop Harvesting Machine. Gezahegn has graduated from Bahirdar University in 2018 in Mechanical Engineering. He contested his business idea on a machine used to harvest cereals crops at a time of maturity and he modified the fuel or diesel powered engine to solar. The machine is designed to be operated by single person but the capacity is measured as equivalent with three farmers engaged on harvesting. The important aspect of this post harvesting machine is reduction of import and uses some locally available materials for assembly, affordability of the machine by local farmers, reducing post harvest wastage of crops and uses eco-friendly source of power for operation are basic considered aspect of the project during evaluation.