Abemelek Simachew

Abemelek & Rebeka Poultry production (Bahir Dar)
Abemelek & Rebeka Poultry Production Company opened its doors to customers in September 2014. Rebeka and Abemelek are siblings who are also shareholders in the company. As of February 2015, Rebeka and Abemelek acquired a working area from the Bahir Dar city administration in response to their request. Abemelek the manager, has a BA Degree in management while Rebeka is still pursuing an undergraduate degree in health sciences. Neither of them had formal training in poultry production prior to setting up their business. Rebeka and Abemelek have also raised over 179,000 ETB as working capital and have 400 chickens. Their family supported them in raising required capital. In its current operations, the company has been able to employ two additional staff.