Access to Finance Working Group

The primary objective of the working group is to discuss the policy and strategic orientation and activities as it relates to access to finance for entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. The working group will work towards improvement of the enabling environment for entrepreneurs and make policy recommendation to government.


To achieve this objective, the main duties of the working group will be to:


• Discuss and make recommendations on high level strategic and policy issues as it relate to access to finance for entrepreneurs • Produce policy dialogue papers that will be presented to government

• Participates in data collection and assessment activities with the aim of gathering information to help support the policy direction of the working group

• Provide evidentiary data and relevant information pertaining to the policy direction of the working group in order to enhance the policy dialogue paper • Participate in the presentation of key findings and validation work shop of the policy dialogue paper

• Recommend interventions that the working group can collectively address in regards to helping entrepreneurs access finance

• Participate in events and experience sharing programmes in order to raise the awareness about the working group objectives and priorities

• Provides guidance and support on how to replicate best practices of the working group for other topic areas in regards to the entrepreneurship ecosystem

• Provide input into the development of the Ethiopian Entrepreneurship Strategy roadmap to be completed by end of 2017  



The following are the expected outputs of the working group:

• At least one policy paper on a topic to be determined by consensus of the group

• A system mapping of the financial resources available for entrepreneurs and how these resources connect to the other support services in the entrepreneurship ecosystem

• Based on the findings of the paper and systems mapping, the group will design a pilot program/project to improve the financing of entrepreneurs


Working Group Members:

The following organizations below have expressed interest in being part of the working group (in alphabetical order):


·         Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

·         Awash bank

·         Awash Bank

·         blueMoon

·         Bunna Bank

·         DFID

·         East African Gate

·         Enat Bank

·         Enterprise Partners

·         Ethiopian Climate Innovation Center (ECIC)

·         Ethiopian Investment Commission

·      World Bank

 ·         Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency

·         GIZ

·         Growth Africa

·         Ignite Investments

·         Inroads Ethiopia

·         Nib International Bank

·         Novastar Ventures

·         Oromia International Bank

·         Renew Strategies

·         UNDP Ethiopia

·         USAID 

Interested organizations are welcome to join the working group at any time. For more information or to join the working group please contact Hanna Felleke at