Entrepreneurship training provided to displaced farmers

22Recently we are witnessing displacement almost in every corners of the country due to several reasons. Inter-ethnic conflict, violence, climate change are the three most outstanding causes for the displacement. A recent report by the United Nations office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) indicates that there are 3.2 million internally displaced people (2.6 million conflict-induced, 500,000 climate-induced, and 72,000 from other causes) across the country. In response to the request made by the Oromia regional state development displaced community affairs agency, the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)- Ethiopia provided Customized Entrepreneurship Training, from 1st -9th of July, for five hundred farmers displaced by the Gannale hydroelectric power generation project on the border areas between the East Guji and Bale zones of Oromia. The aim of the training is to enable displaced farmers to start a sustainable business of their own before they spent the money they got in the form of compensation. With the absence of proper education/training, most displaced people tend to spent their compensation in short term consumption and sometimes latter they will be desperate about their condition & worry a lot about their future. So, trainings provision at initial stages will be vital to overcome such socio-economic crisis that could worsen the current situations of those individuals. EDC further expressed its commitment to support marginalized segments of the society/community due to natural and artificial causes.