Customized Entrepreneurship Training

The Customized Entrepreneurship Training (CET) is a two-day training target ingindividuals with low literacy level and limited business experience.

The training methodology isapractical,hands-on, attitudinal and behavioral change training program built upon adult learning principles. Muchofthe facilitation is done by way of casestudies,games,roleplay,exercisesand experiential sharing. High level of simplicity is maintained in order to ensure the objectives of the training is customized with the literacy level of the participants.

Training Content:

Participants are taken through a condensed behavioral and mind set change Programme that introduces them to the 10 Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs) and its 30 associated behaviors, identified with successful entrepreneurs worldwide.
Three entrepreneurial behaviors under each of the competency are learned and practiced by the participants during the workshop. Trainees are provided with guides that can help them to practice what they have learned during the training in their businesses. The modules are provided in a manner customized to the literacy level of entrepreneurs.

Upon successful completion of the CET, participants will be able to:

·         Recognizeandadoptpositiveentrepreneurialbehavior
·         Ensure thesurvivalandgrow theirbusinesses
·         Understandtheimportanceof setting realisticgoalsandlearnhow toachievablethem
·         Understandthemarketplaceandlearn howtoreachout to new and/or existing customers
·         Understandhowtocalculatebusinessrisksanddeveloppropensitytowardscalculatedrisk taking
·         Appreciate customer loyalty and develop techniques geared towards customer satisfaction
·         Equip themselves withskills toincrease theefficiencyandproductivity of theirenterprise
·         Understandtheimportanceof planning
·         Develop negotiation skills
·         Understandtheimportanceof developing and maintainingbusinessrecords

Target Participants:

Thistraining targets entrepreneurs with limited literacy levels who is operating an enterpriseor an aspiringentrepreneur who is in the planning phase to establish an enterprise. Entrepreneurs operating in any sector are able to enroll in the training programme. Candidates are expected to have basic writing and reading skills.
The participants must be able to commit two consecutive full days usually from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm on training dates. Being late or missing a session results in automatic disqualification of the participant from certification.

Selection Process and Criteria:
Individuals interested in participating in the program must fill out an application form (attach the form here). The application form can also be found at our offices. Once complete, the form must be submitted to an EDC office for further screening. Please make sure you submit the application form to the EDC office located in the city that you would like to take the training. (E.g. participants wanting to enroll in the training programme in Addis Ababa must submit the form to the Addis Ababa EDC office location) (Insert link to EDC office locations)
Once the application is received, it will be further screened based on the below mentioned criteria. Successfully screened applicants will be called for an interview. After successful completion of the interview, the candidate will be enrolled in the training programme on a first come first serve basis. The candidate will be notified ahead of time when the training programme will commence.



Educational Background

Ability to read and write in candidates own local languages

Age group

Youth (18 – 65 years of age), priority will be given to youth.


Men and Women

Nature of business

Start up, informal and established business

Economic sector of the business

All economic sectors

Candidates disposition

Highly enthusiastic for innovative entrepreneurship training who believe that training can determine the prospect of his/her business.

Size of business operations

Start up, owners of informal businesses, micro enterprises, small enterprises, and medium enterprises.


Able to commit two full consecutive days for training in the week in which the training is organized (usually from 8.30am – 5.30pm on the training dates).


Certificate of Participation:

EDC will provide candidates who successfully complete the Programme and fulfill the training requirements with a Letter of Participation. The requirements include full attendance of all sessions, and successfully completing assignments throughout the 2-day training Programme.