EDC’s Legacy on Green Legacy

Researches indicate that the forest coverage of Ethiopia was estimated to be 35-40% in 1990s and it has declined to 11.2% in 2010. For such a huge loss of forest cover in the country, researchers mention cultivated land expansion, fuel wood collection, free grazing, droughts, population growth, wild fire and civil wars as major forest cover change drivers. To mitigate and break the status quo, the Ethiopian government has designed Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy with four pillars. One of its pillar being “protecting & re-establishing forests for economic and ecosystem reasons”, to realize this and to further increase the annual average growth rate of the forest sector, the Green Legacy national go green campaign has been launched with a target to plant 200 million seedlings across Ethiopia in a day on Monday, 29 July 2019.

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)-Ethiopia took part in this national environmental movement by forming a team from its Headquarters and planting saplings at EDC’s Bishoftu office. On that historical day, Ethiopia breaks a word record by planting three hundred fifty- three million six hundred thirty-three thousand, six hundred sixty trees in a space of twelve-hours.