Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW)

The Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) is an internationally acclaimed workshop, developed through intensive research by Prof David McClelland of Harvard University for the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It is based on the concept of a behavioral approach to entrepreneurship. Research carried out from a psychological perspective demonstrated that there are 10 Key entrepreneurial competencies (commonly called Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies or PECs) that influence the way entrepreneurs manage and run their businesses.
The ETW is a “transformational experience” which provides the drive to fulfill one’s goals and dreams. It is the foundation for UNCTAD’s Empretec Programme www.empretec.net and the flagship of the 38 Empretec Centres around the world. It is viewed as one of the best training in entrepreneurship for almost two decades.


The Objective of the workshop is to provide intensive entrepreneurship training aimed at helping entrepreneurs to put their idea into action, bring an attitudinal change and build their personal entrepreneurial skills. It gives the participants the possibilities to lab test their Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs) and improve on the latter. The ETW also aims to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge to implement green practices in their businesses.


ETW is different from other programmes in the sense that the EMPRETEC Methodology is based on a series of Psychological research led by a prominent psychologist. The research undertaken demonstrates that competencies and behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurs can be strengthened in individuals by appropriate exposure and training. That is achieved, however, not by the conventional lecturing of theories but rather through learning by doing and personal self-transformation of entrepreneurs. It is a practical tool for helping participants to develop their competencies (PECs), not traditional business skills such as marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, financial management, local laws, regulations and procedures.

Target Participants:
Thistraining targets entrepreneurs who are a university or college graduate (preferable). But, a high school graduate with a positive entrepreneurial record is also eligible for the training. The entrepreneurs must be runningenterpriseswitha potential growthprospects or be an aspiringentrepreneur who is in the planning phase to establish an enterprisewithgrowthprospects. Entrepreneurs operating in any sector are able to enroll in the training programme.
The participants must be able to commit six consecutive full days (usually from Monday to Saturday 8:30AM – 5:30PM). Being late or missing a session results in automatic disqualification of the participant from certification.

Selection Process and Criteria:
Individuals interested in participating in the ETW must fill out an application form (attach the form here). The application form can also be found at our offices. Once complete, the form must be submitted to an EDC office for further screening. Please make sure you submit the application form to the EDC office located in the city that you would like to take the training. (E.g. participants wanting to enroll in the training programme in Addis Ababa must submit the form to the Addis Ababa EDC office location) (Insert link to EDC office locations)
Once the application is received, it will be further screened based on the below mentioned criteria. Successfully screened applicants will be called for an interview. After successful completion of the interview, the candidate will be enrolled in the training programme on a first come first serve basis. The candidate will be notified ahead of time when the training programme will commence.


Selection Criteria:



Educational Background

Minimum 10+3 or diploma graduate. In some situations, secondary education graduate can be considered based on the nature of the business and the experiences in business

Age group

Youth (18 – 65 years of age), with priority being given to youth applicants.


Open to both men and women

Nature of business

Owners of growth oriented businesses as measured by:

·         The number of jobs created by the business, or the potential it has to create jobs

·         Amount of its startup capital and revenue generation potential

·         Current and future profitability

·         Owners of export oriented businesses

·         Engagement in government priority sectors

Economic sector of the business

Manufacturing, construction, and urban agriculture (agro processing).

Candidates disposition

Highly enthusiastic for innovative entrepreneurship training who believe that training can determine the prospect of his/her business.

Size of business operations

Small and medium existing enterprises. Startup businesses with excellent growth potential will be considered.


Able to commit six full days for intensive training in the training week (usually from Monday to Saturday 8:30AM – 5:30PM).

Certificate of Participation:
EDC will provide candidates who successfully complete the Programme and fulfill the training requirements with a Certification of Participation. Some of the requirements include, full attendance of all sessions, successfully completing assignments throughout the week, and preparation of mini business plan.