Management Skills Training (Group BDS Training Sessions)

The Management Skills Training revolve around 5 topics:

·         Startup Toolkit
·         Business Operations and Human Resource Management
·         Marketing
·         Finance and Accounting
·         Business Plan Development
The training sessions are offered on an ongoing basis and may last between 2 – 4 days depending on the topic. All sessions provide participants with a brief overview of the topic and its applicability to everyday business in Ethiopia. The sessions are practical and interactive and participants and is coupled with follow-up sessions to ensure proper understanding of the topic at hand.

Desired Outcome:
The desired outcome is that all participants will have a very good understanding of the topic at hand and how to apply it to their business. For example, at the end of each session, a business must be able to develop their own business plan, marketing, financial, operations, and HR systems. The ultimate goal is for the businesses to be self-sufficient. In addition, the group sessions will provide likeminded businesses to network with each other and create market linkages where appropriate.

Upon completion of the Management Training Sessions, clients are eligble to apply for the Customized Business Advisory Services click here)

Upon successful completion of EDC’s training programme, clients can register for any or all of the Management Skills Training sessions. The sessions are offered on a first come first serve basis, therefore a client will be contacted at the appropriate time. Clients are permitted to participate in topical sessions one time only.