Business Development Services




The Business Development Service (BDS) department’s goal is to support the establishment of new SMEs and enhance growth of existing ones which will result in improved productivity and job creation for the country. This will be achieved through the provision of continuous business advisory services (including mentoring, guiding the SMEs through a growth plan, innovative financing, multi-faceted improvement and innovation, operating facilities, marketing and access to market) with particular emphasis to youth and women enterprises.


The BDS service provision is rooted on the EMPRETEC model of entrepreneurship development and implementation methodology, an integrated, one-stop enterprise development and support programme. The EMPRETEC model consists of a comprehensive package of core services and ancillary interventions designed to improve the operational efficiency and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of emerging micro, small and medium enterprises both in the domestic and export markets and also small scale farmers in the rural areas. This model is revolutionary approach to enterprise development will transform the SMEs and bring the informal sector into mainstream formal economic activity.


The BDS department promotes the establishment of new businesses, expansion of existing businesses as well as business formalization and registration with the intended outcome to create jobs. The BDS department offers a combination of entrepreneurial and management skills training (group BDS training session) and customized business advisory services (one-to-one services) to accelerate the development of a cadre of local and internationally competitive enterprises. In addition, the department offers on-demand BDS advice to clients at each office location.

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Group BDS Training Sessions

Group BDS Training sessions revolve around 5 topics.

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One-to-One BDS Services

One-to-One BDS Services is available for entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate the growth of their business.

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On Demand Business Development

On Demand BDS is provided to entrepreneurs at any EDC office during regular business hours.

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