Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship


Under the EDP framework, a Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship (CoEE) has been established at the following universities:

·         Addis Ababa University College of Business of Economics
·         Adama Science and Technology University
·         Bahir Dar University 
·         Hawassa University
·         Mekelle University


The CoEEs create a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem that will foster and support innovation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship amongst the student population and community leading to the creation of jobs, wealth and social value through successful ventures. The CoEEs provide a culture of entrepreneurial development, inspiration and ability for easy engagement and learning to its student community and faculty members. This culture inspires students aspiring to become entrepreneurs and further develop their skills and experience to start enterprises. Many other students who may not immediately become entrepreneurs become more employable as a result of the capacity building programmes that the CoEE provides.


The CoEE will also work closely with the R&D facilities and Innovation Centers within the respective university. With the development of the industry- university linkage within some universities, the CoEE support in commercializing research ideas and innovations that are developed in the R&D facilities of the Universities. The CoEE are a critical support platform to incubate new entrepreneurs and hand-hold them to start new enterprises. This support is critical for the entrepreneurs to refine their products or services, get the guidance to find their first customers, refine their business models and be able to establish their enterprise more quickly than if they were doing so on their own.


Additionally, the CoEE serve as a platform providing learning, peer-to-peer connections and resources to existing SMEs to enable them to scale up and grow their enterprises. CoEE do so by enabling training, provide access to experts, technology and other resources that growing companies may need.    


Target Beneficiaries and Intended Outcomes

Target Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries for the CoEEs are the current university students and graduates, .

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