Recognition for the Young Male and Female Entrepreneur of the Year

As part of the weeklong celebrations, EDC recognized the 2016 Young Male and Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year at an awards reception that took place on 24, November 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The winners were selected by a sub group of the GEW committee that used the following criteria for evaluation:

·         Entrepreneurial Attitude
·         Strategic Thinking
·         Business Performance
·         Community Impact
·         Innovation
·         Ethics and Integrity
·         Potential for Growth
2016 Young Male Entrepreneur of the Year:

Desalegn Shewangizaw


Desalegn lives in Bahir Dar, and owns and manages a business called Desalegn Beauty Professionals Training Center. The business provides training to beauty professionals. His business is one of the pioneers in the region helping unemployed youth with a short-term training that improves their skills to help them start their own business.  

The business was established in 2008 European Calendar with only 7,000 birr. But now the capital of the business has reached to 300,000 birr, employing 3 full time trainers, 2 assistant trainers, and 3 supporting staff. The business shows a 10% annual growth rate.
The business has played a key role in reducing the unemployment problem in the region. Among those who have completed the training, 60% are employed in different institutions in the region, while 15% of them have stated their own business. Women comprise 74% from the total trainees graduated from the Center.
Presently, the training center has undertaken in-depth assessment and crafted its own business strategy detailing its financial as well as physical plans. It is also working in partnership with other institutions.

2016 Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year:

Mihret Mitiku


Mihret Mitiku is from Addis Ababa and her business is called Mersi Design and Handicraft. She started her business with the aim to improve her income as well as to provide socially valuable services. Her major objective is to help to create jobs for unemployed youth while at the same time without disturbing the environment.

She established the first décor, design and fashion school in the country in 2008 European calendar with an initial capital of only 5,000 birr. The school, different from other similar ones, engages in designing and decoration works in addition to training in fashion design. Her school was the first to graduate students in these skills.