Rural Entrepreneurship Training (RET)

The Rural Entrepreneurship Training (RET) is three-day training for microentrepreneurs operating in rural areas to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. The training is intended to enable the rural community to tap into th eentrepreneurial opportunities within the rural areas and to help them develop a positive entrepreneurial disposition.

The training includes a combination of entrepreneurial skill development and basic business managements kills. The training is comprised of two days customized entrepreneurship training and one day of basic business management training within the agricultural value chain for select agricultural products.

Training Content:
The training emphasizes agricultural value addition and value chain along different agricultural product lines such as crop production, animal husbandry, fruit and vegetables, and others. The business management skills training includes: record keeping, customer handling, and diversification of agricultural activities considering business opportunities in the rural areas.

Upon successful completion of the RET, participants will be able to:

·         Recognize and adopt positive entrepreneurial behavior
·         Recognize entrepreneurship opportunities in the rural areas.
·         Consider agricultural activities as business and diversify agricultural activities.
·         Understand the market place and learn how to reach out to new and/or existing customers
·         Understanhow to calculate business risks and develop propensity toward scalculated risk taking
·         Appreciate customer loyalty and develop techniques geared towards customer satisfaction
·         Equip themselves withskills toincrease the efficiency and productivity of theirenterprise
·         Understand the importance of planning
·         Develop negotiation skills
·         Understand the importance of developing and maintaining business records
·         Enhance their assertiveness and self-esteem

Target Participants
This training targets entrepreneurs in the rural areas with existing enterprises or those aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs operating in the agricultural sector are able to enroll in the training programme.

Selection Process and Criteria
Interested candidates should apply for the program through the nearby EDC offices. Screening for training will be based on the criteria indicated in the table below.



Educational Background

Ability to read and write in their own local languages

Age group

18 – 65 years of age, priority being given for the youth


Both male and female

Nature of business

Owner of rural based enterprises or being a farmer.

Economic sector of the business

Aspiring to set up business in any economic sectors.

Candidates disposition

Highly enthusiastic for innovative entrepreneurship training who believe that training can determine the prospect of his/her business.

Size of business operations

Intending to start up a business


Able to commit three days for training in the training week (from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on the training dates)