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Startup Ethiopia- the biggest startup event


Technology Business Incubation

Hosted by EDC in Collaboration with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT)



WU Recognition of EDC

On March 24, EDC was invited by Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to host a half day workshop on entrepreneurial behaviors and attitude for the graduating class of Biomedical Engineering students. The objective of the event was to inspire students toward entrepreneurial attitude and activities in order to encourage their participation in the newly established Technology and Business Incubation initiative.
During his opening remarks, Dr Esayas G/Youhannes, Executive Directore, AAiT, AAU underscoring the importance for taping into knowledge and skills acquired in the field of Biomedical Engineering as an opportunity to innovate and solve public health problems in the country. Dr Esays mentioned that “The field of Biomedical Engineering is among the most marketable field of study and it provides high propensity to innovate and apply. It is in this milieu, the Center of Biomedical Engineering took its milestone initiative to establish a Technology and business Incubation center supported by the NUFFIC/NICHE project.” Dr Esaya went on to emphasize that there is a great deal of opportunity for the students to participate in the technology prototype competition and acquire necessary support which will be leading to successful start ups.  
EDC’s UNCTAD-EMPRETEC Master Trainer Mr Boru Shana, facilitated the 2-hour workshop for the 400 graduated students and staff. The workshop focused on characteristics of a successful entrepreneurs, developing the right mindset and attitude, tapping into opportunities and developing a business plan. The participants followed the presentation with great enthusiasm and seriousness. And there was great atmosphere of applause and an appealing motivation demonstrated during the closure of the presentation.




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