EDC values developing partnerships of mutual interest. Over the years, EDC has established various partnerships with public and private entities, UN agencies, and donor organizations that have a similar mission and vision as EDC: to drive the facilitation and the realization of the entrepreneurship development goals of the country.


Our partnerships are based on the following principles:

·         Mutual respect and benefits, promote dialogue and foster synergy, selflessness and maximization of resources

·         Transparency, accountability, integrity, good corporate governance, open communication and dialogue between EDC and the partner organizations using identified  

           persons as contact points

·         Proactive attitude & committed participation

·         Willingness to work together to resolve differences in opinion and conflict in a manner consistent with the common values and ethics 


Some of the organizations that EDC has entered into a partnership agreement with include (listed in alphabetical order):




The composition of EDCs partnerships with the above organizations range from capacity building and training, media and awareness creation activities, financial schemes for entrepreneurs, as well as technical support in the form of business development services.

If your organization is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with EDC, please contact Hanna Felleke at




Partner Testimonials

Click below to download EDC Partners Testimony

  • EDC Partner Testimony From WEDP.pdf

  • EDC Partner Testimony From BlueMoon.pdf