Working Groups

In 2017, EDC launched the Working Groups which focus on the following topics:


Access to finance

• Mindset and workforce development

• Women entrepreneurs

• Access to markets

• Education and culture


The overarching goal of the working groups are to provide a voice for entrepreneurs and organizations that play a role in private sector development in Ethiopia. The issues raised by the working groups will be documented and presented to various stakeholders – public and private – and used to drive policy change. In addition, the working groups will provide like-minded organizations an opportunity to networking and establish opportunities amongst each other to create a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ethiopia.

The working groups are comprised of volunteer organizations and led by a volunteer chair independent of EDC. EDC provides operational support by communicating information to the working group and also hosting the working group meetings in the office.

The specific issues that the working groups addresses will be influenced by its members and may differ from group to group. It will be the role of the volunteer working group chair and EDC to ensure that the issues are relevant and in line with the needs to entrepreneurs in the country and the government.

The working groups will convene on a regular basis and will work towards the development of 1 policy dialogue paper that will be signed off by the working group members and can be presented to stakeholders.

If you are interested to learn more about the working groups or would like to join, please contact Hanna Felleke at