Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region


EDC hosted the following events and activities during GEW in the SNNP region. In total, of 7 events were held throughout the week attracting 506 participants.

·         Entrepreneurship Training Workshop for Youth: EDC hosted the 347th Entrepreneurship Training Workshop targeting to youth entrepreneurs at Hawassa.

·         Group BDS Training: EDC hosted a group BDS training session on Marketing for existing business entrepreneurs.

·         Hawassa University: EDC hosted an awareness creation session for Hawassa University students.

·         Hawassa Polytechnic College (TVET) Students: EDC hosted an awareness creation session for Hawassa Polytechnic college (TVET) students.

·         Hawassa Tabor Preparatory School students (Gov’t school): EDC hosted an awareness creation session for Tabor preparatory school students.

·         EDC Client Forum: EDC hosted a Client Forum for past and current clients engaged on Urban agriculture at Hawassa. The participants were from the following sectors: dairy farmers and milk processing factory owner, poultry, fattening and animal feed manufacturers and suppliers in the city.

·         Stakeholder Engagement Event: EDC hosted a stakeholder engagement meeting. Stakeholders from different government, financial and private institutions, EDC clients and ETW trainers have participated. The objective was on how to improve the quality of the service delivery by the program with the involvement of each stakeholder.