Target Beneficiaries and Intended Outcomes


The target beneficiaries for the CoEEs are the current university students and graduates, university faculty, and entrepreneurs in the surrounding university community. Progress is manifested through more employable workforce, new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs creating jobs and revenue thereby creating impact for the community.

The below table provides an overview of the CoEE target beneficiaries along with their intended outcome:



Aspiring entrepreneur

Inspire, engage, build entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through capacity building support through various training programmes.
Existing entrepreneur

Provide capacity building support such as training and business development support/mentorship to help them grow their business.

R&D and Innovation Centers in the University

To complement the R&D and Innovation Centers in the University and help commercialize innovations.


Instill the concept of entrepreneurship to students through training and awareness creation events.


Capacitate faculty members to become entrepreneurship trainers and also encourage them to become entrepreneurs that will in turn encourage students to explore the entrepreneurial path.