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Ephrem Baltina production and sales is an enterprise established in 2003 E.C by Mr Ephrem and his partner Ms. Emebet with a startup capital of 16,000.00 Birr and with 2 employees.

The average monthly revenue before he took ETW and BDS from EDC was Birr 3000.00. In April 2007 E.C, he got a chance to take ETW and BDS service. The training and the BDS service he took from EDC has increased his business passion and skill. He has aggressively diversified his business doing his maximum effort.  Right after taking the EDC BDS service, he is recording his business transactions properly. He has also increased his customer base and gets more organizational buyers. Besides, he has expanded his business by getting extra working space and investing additional capital.  This additional investment enables him to generate more sales with diversified product types. Currently, the Emebet and Ephrem Baltina has a total capital of 6,000,000.00 and its average monthly sale is birr 1,000, 0000.00. Right now, the total number of employees has reached 62. He has now a plan of investing in another type of business he is in need of having an advisor to do so.

The Enterprise  Before the BDS Service Provision (Summary)



The Enterprise After the BDS

Service Provision (Summary)

Ø  Number of employees generated-2

Ø  The total capital was 16,000.00

Ø  Monthly gross sales was 3000.00

Ø  Had no financial recording

Ø  Had no marketing activity

Ø  No product diversification

Ø  Had no business plan


Ø  Number of employees generated-12

Ø  the total capital 2 million birr

Ø  Monthly gross sale is 1,000,000.00

Ø  Has proper financial recordings

Ø  Has good marketing strategies

Ø  Product types have been diversified

Ø  Has a business plan



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