Training of Trainers (TOT)

Training of Trainers (TOT)
This is the approach to build local capacity to deliver the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW), the flagship training program of EDC. The program shall identify potential trainers and take them through a series of training programs and apprenticeships to enable them competently facilitate the training of entrepreneurs.

TOT is hands on experience approach that enhance facilitation skills of the incoming trainers. It combines theoretical foundations of ETW with the practical facilitation skill development apprenticeship program. The training shall follow the following arrangement:

Phase 1: All potential trainers go through the flagship Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) that takes 6 days. This shall enable them appreciate the behaviors and competencies that go to make a successful entrepreneur.

Phase 2: The potential trainer will go through apprenticeship under a certified trainer for 2 training sessions after which if he distinguishes him/herself, he/she will be approved to attend the Trainer of Trainers program.

Phase 3: This phase will take the potential trainer through the Trainer of Trainer (TOT) program during which he is introduced to the EMPRETEC philosophy and methodology, presentation skills, familiarization with the Trainers Manuals, exercises and case studies. They will also learn the selection and profiling system of potential candidates and how to use it for training. This phase will last for 6 days.

Phase 4: Trainers who successfully complete this program shall be assigned two (2) facilitation sessions under the guidance of Master Trainers. They will then run additional four (4) sessions successfully with minimal supervision to be certified as National Trainers pending the successful examination program overseen by the certified national trainer, master trainer, or international trainer.

Once certified as national trainer, a trainer can develop his/her career to the next levels pending the fulfillment of UNCTAD trainers’ certification guidelines. A trainer can be certified as National Master Trainer if he or she will lead at least 6 six ETW sessions after being certified as National Trainer. At the same time, A national master trainer can be prompted international master trainer after providing at least four sessions of ETW as team leader in at least two countries outside of his/her country of origin.

Target participants
The training targets candidates who have demonstrate commitment and hard work while attending ETW. It also aims at attracting candidates with some training or teaching experiences.

Selection Process and Criteria
The recruitment of the candidates is driven by trainers who facilitate ETW sessions. For candidates to be considered for TOT, he/she should be recommended by trainers who facilitated ETW. Team of trainers will recommend potential candidates based on the performances of the candidates while attending ETW. Once recommended by the team of trainers, the candidates will be interviewed by training department which makes final decision based on the following criteria.



Educational Background

Graduate or post graduate degree in any field. Priority will be given to post graduate degree holders.

Age group

25– 45 years of age


Open to both men and women


Experiences in establishing and running own business and teaching and training experiences will be added advantages.

Required Knowledge

·         Strong understanding of MSE strategies in Ethiopia

·         Strong understanding of business management processes required for start-ups and existing businesses;

·         Awareness of the local business climate in Ethiopia;

·         Good understanding of the government’s rules and regulations, and procedures related to business start-up and business development for existing businesses;

·         Computer literate, particularly Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word programmes.

Required skills

·         Critical listening skills;

·         Strong interpersonal skills;

·         Ability to maintain positive and effective client relationships;

·         Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and administrative capabilities;

·         Exceptional spoken and written communication skills

·         Must be able to maintain client confidentiality; and

·         Must be team player

Other personal qualities

·         Energetic, creative,

·         Must be flexible; and

·         Be a self-starter.

·         Dynamic

·         Goal oriented

·         High standard of professionalism

·         Morally     strong

·         Strong passion to support entrepreneurs


Excellent written and spoken English and Amharic and working languages of the respective regions they are selected from.


Certification of Participation
At all phases of trainers’ certification, EDC, in partnership with UNCTAD, will provide candidates who successfully complete the programme and fulfill the training requirements with a Letter of Participation. The requirements include full attendance of all sessions, and successfully completing assignments throughout the 3-day training programme.