Tsige Girma

Tsige Poultry Farm and Milk Processing Company (Bahir Dar)
Tsige Girma has a diploma in rural society management which enabled her to work as a public servant for about 28 years. Her first business was a ‘baltena’ shop (a store that sells traditionally processed spices pulses, and cereals) which she opened with initial capital of 2,000 ETB.Tsige went on to conduct a market research. She then changed her business into a poultry and milk processing enterprise. Tsige’s vision is to her vision is to make chicken affordable for both high and low income households. In her community, Tsige empowers other female residents by providing basic business training and reducing costs for those who intend to also start their own poultry businesses. She has also installed meat processing machines and grows some vegetables on the side.She registered a capital of 3.9 million and created jobs for 50 people (15 permanent)- as of Nov 2017 and She has secured a working premise (5000 sq.m) in Bahir Dar, a plot of land, and construction is undergoing,She is also committed to local social responsibilities and has been supporting 20 rural farmers in two neighboring districts by supplying egg laying chickens (about 1000 supplied in two woredas).