Youth Entrepreneurship Training

The Youth Entrepreneurship Training (YET)is a two day straining program for university students and unemployed youth. The training inspires and motivates them to develop the attitude of entrepreneurship.


It is speaker led inspirational training program that aims at rousing the youth to consider entrepreneur as one career option. It was helps the participants practice some of the basic requite for business startup such as idea generation and opportunity identification, and business planning.


Training Content:

Therearefour modules discussed in this training as described below.

1.       Overcoming Bondage-focuses on inspiring the participants to consider entrepreneurshipas the most preferred career path as opposed to being a salary employee
2.       Entrepreneurship Skill Development- focuseson the competencies of successful entrepreneurs
3.       Opportunity Recognition and Utilization- Teaches participants about how to generate a business idea and how to transform it to a business
4.       Business Planning- Participants learn how to develop business plans


The training aims to achieve the following.

·         Motivate youth to be stirred to entrepreneurship as the career option.
·         Help the participants learn about business idea generation and opportunity identification.
·         Principles of business planning.

Target Participants:

This training targets university studentsand recent graduate sseeking employment. Any unemployed youth can also attend the training. The training is available to existing entrepreneurs of those aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Youth aspiring to consider to set up their own enterprises in any sector are able to enroll in the training programme.
The participants must be able to commit two consecutive full days (usually from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on the training dates). Being late or missing a session results in automatic disqualification of the participant from certification.

Selection Process and Criteria:

Individuals interested in participating in the program must fill out an application form (attach the form here). The application form can also be found at our offices. Once complete, the form must be submitted to an EDC office for further screening. Please make sure you submit the application form to the EDC office located in the city that you would like to take the training. (E.g. participants wanting to enroll in the training programme in Addis Ababa must submit the form to the Addis Ababa EDC office location) (Insert link to EDC office locations)
Once the application is received, it will be further screened based on the below mentioned criteria. Successfully screened applicants will be will be enrolled in the training programme on a first come first serve basis. The candidate will be notified ahead of time when the training programme will commence.




Educational Background

Ability to read and right in their own local languages

Age group

15 – 29 years of age, priority being given for young women


Both male and female

Nature of business

No business set up , but aspiring to set up

Economic sector of the business

Aspiring to set up business in any economic sectors

Candidates disposition

Highly enthusiastic for innovative entrepreneurship training who believe that training can determine the prospect of his/her business.

Size of business operations

Intending to start up a business


Able to commit two days for training in the training week (from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on the training dates)


Certification of Participation

EDC will provide candidates who successfully complete the programme and fulfill the training requirements with a Letter of Participation. The requirements include full attendance of all sessions, and successfully completing assignments throughout the 2-day training programme.